New structure and cutting-edge technology to take on the challenges of today and tomorrow.

1) A technological approach

  • The entire factory robotised and digitalised
  • New 5-axis machines to produce more complex parts
  • All machines computerized, operating in a network for more efficient productivity
  • Reducing energy costs with the development of auto-generated solar energy
    and the implementation of a system to collect energy
  • Development of CAD/CAM
    (computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing)
  • Flexible production flow lines

2) A human approach

  • Reducing harsh working conditions and improving work
    environment for every employee
  • Improving access for people with disabilities by adapting entryways
  • Optimizing handling equipment
  • In-house training and promotions, developing skills for more versatility
  • Creation of new job profiles
  • No technological progress without the respect of environmental standards:
    our Industry 4.0 factory strives to bring industry and sustainability together